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About Us


Positive Steps Learning Center Inc. is a program that has been three decades in the making. As a family that has been living with a close family member with physical and developmental impairments we have first hand knowledge of the day to day struggles that those living with developmental impairments face. In addition, we have been there for every triumph and to assist our loved one in overcoming any obstacle she may face. Our first hand knowledge will be an integral part of the daily operations of Positive Steps Learning Center Inc.


Cleo Joseph

Cleo Joseph who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Positive Steps Learning Center Inc. has been a mother and primary care giver to her disabled daughter for the last three decades. During this period, Ms. Joseph has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge as an advocate for her daughter.


Ms. Joseph has served in the United States Air Force and is an honorably discharged veteran who holds a B.A. in TV and Radio Production from Brooklyn College. Prior to moving to Florida, she worked as a certified counselor for the New York City Board of Education where she also trained students in peer mediation and counseled families.



Khadiyah Joseph


Khadiyah Joseph is not only the Chief Operations Officer of Positive Steps Learning Center Inc., but she also has the pleasure of sharing her life with her physically and developmentally impaired twin sister. Due to the close relationship that Ms. Joseph has with her twin, she had decided from an early age that it would be her life’s mission to advocate for the disabled.


As an adolescent, Ms. Joseph volunteered in the exceptional learning classes at her local public school, and upon completion of her B.A. in Forensic Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology, she went on to work as a substitute teacher.


From there, Ms. Joseph has worked for various not for profit organizations whose main goals are to service those living with physical and developmental impairments.


As of late Ms. Joseph continues to serve the disabled as a representative for the Consumer Directed Care Plus program in Florida and volunteers her time to the Iota Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma.



Yemisaliz Wyllie


Yemisaliz Wyllie serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Positive Steps Learning Center Inc. and has devoted her life to caring for the disabled. Starting in her formative years, Ms. Wyllie has been a strong presence in her younger sisters life and volunteered in her sister’s classroom and took her on various social outings within the community and continues to do so. In watching her sister's growth, her proudest moment was when she graduated from high school and Ms. Wyllie had the pleasure of walking her across the stage as her graduating class cheered her on. 


Ms. Wyllie also worked as a substitute teacher upon completion of her B.A. in Humanities from Florida Institute of Technology and from there, she found fulfillment working with A+ Home Aid and the Consumer Directed Care Plus program in Florida. Despite the rigors of her schedule, Ms. Wyllie still finds the time to sit as an advisor for the Iota Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma.





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